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Per Johansson


Already in January Åhus-Grönt sow their first seeds in the greenhouse and in early March small seedlings are planted in the fields.
Sowing and planting run continuously until August.
In doing so, we get an extended harvesting period.
Our motto is to produce good vegetables on our more than 700 hectares of arable land in a rational way at market price.

Per Johansson takes care of the administration.
In the high season there are around 200 employees working with sowing, growing, harvesting, quality assurance, palletizing and transport.

In the field the vegetables are put in boxes and that also is our basic quality assurance.
Each team is responsible for securing only good quality products.
All pallets which leave Åhus-Grönt can be traced back to the harvesting team in question.
This is an effective way to keep up the quality.

Keeping track of everything

Åhus-Grönt  record everything in detail throughout the growing season to find out how various factors affect the quality and yield of the crop.
Thus Per Johansson can ensure that everything (seeds, plants, soil, fertilization, irrigation) is treated in the best possible way.
Integrated production (IP) ensures that Åhus-Grönt’s products are favourable for the environment as well as the consumers.

Rapid cooling

Rapid cooling is perhaps the most important part of our quality concept. As one of few growers in Sweden Åhus-Grönt use a vacuum cooler which effectively cools the vegetables stored on pallets to a few degrees above zero in less than half an hour.
This method gives the vegetables a dramatic extension of shelf life compared to that of traditional cooling methods.
When combined with storage in wet cooling and distribution with their own refrigerator trucks,  Åhus-Grönt have created an unbroken cold chain that reaches all the way to the wholesaler.